S.C.M. Tecnologie designs and produces systems for the aeration and mixing of civil and industrial liquids: submersible aerators, surface aerators, submersible mixers, vertical mixers, diffusers.

The result of consolidated design processes, S.C.M. Tecnologie’s products are known throughout the world for their quality and performance.
The company’s use of high quality certified raw materials and rigorous checks during the production process ensure compliance with high standards.

Our members of staff make available their experience to customers, starting from the analysis of the process data to the delivery of the equipment and its installation, as well as during planned and unplanned maintenance operations and repairs.

We believe that technological experimentation and research play a central role in our industry. The products and systems are constantly evolving, with multiple objectives: to increase performance, expand the range and reach new areas of application.
The focus on research and development also allows us to introduce new devices for ease of installation, management and maintenance of these important systems for the environment.

Contact us to request a quote or for further information.

Our technical department is available to design aeration systems, provide advice on choice and size of equipment, to customise accessories and to assist with rentals and spare parts.

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