Case History - No. 1

  • 20/01/2021

APPLICATION: dairy farm

COUNTRY: Italy  

- Submersible mixer MX-gi 40.30.8
- Airex 12” disc diffusers with silicon membrane

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The intervention involved refurbishment of the aeration system positioned on the bottom of the biological oxidation tank inside a dairy plant.
Our technicians have developed a solution with Airex disc diffusers with the aim of increase the amount of oxygen transferred to the liquid, in comparison to the previous installation.
The fine bubble diffusers is currently the technology which allows to obtain the highest O2 transfer.
In particular, it was decided to use diffusers with a silicon membrane, material which allows to attenuate the clogging of the membrane itself.
This results in savings in maintenance and plant management costs. Finally, to ensure an efficient mixing and to avoid sludge sedimentation, was also decided to install a submersible mixer.