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BlogIntroducing the MX-GIR 800/1200 Series Submerged Mixers

Introducing the MX-GIR 800/1200 Series Submerged Mixers

What are Mixers?

Mixers are devices used to mix substances of various kinds. Particular types of mixers, such as submerged mixers, are applied in water purification and treatment processes in the civil and industrial fields.

There are various models, characterised by a variety of rotation speeds, diameters and impeller profiles. Every customer has precise needs and requirements and for this reason it is essential to choose a company specialised in the sector, prepared and competent to select the mixer that best suits the actual needs of the customer.

S.C.M. Tecnologie deals with the design, production and marketing of high quality mixers for civil and industrial liquids.

The company has specialised over time in submerged mixers, direct or with reducer, and in vertical or lateral agitators with external motor.

The submerged mixers are equipped with an electric motor with IP68 protection rating, which can have different powers depending on the volume and nature of the wastewater to be treated.

Among these we present the MX-GIR 800-1200 Series.

What are the submerged mixers with reducer of the MX-GIR 800-1200 Series?

The submerged mixers with gearmotors of the MX-GIR 800-1200 Series are highly reliable and robust pieces of equipment, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy using the highest quality raw materials.

Their structure is divided into two parts: the high-efficiency gearmotor and the impeller. The first is the element necessary to provide the second with the torque needed to make it rotate at the desired speed.

The impellers of S.C.M. Tecnologie srl’s ‘s submerged mixers

The impellers assembled on the submerged mixers of the MX-GIR 800/1200 Series consist of three blades with a profile designed to increase the contact surface with the liquid to be mixed as much as possible.

They are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with the central hub in AISI 316L, two materials with high corrosion resistance.

The 316L, in particular, thanks to the presence of molybdenum within its alloy in a quantity of approximately 3%, is also able to resist the action of chlorides. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most used materials in a variety of industrial settings.

The MX-GIR 800 models

The MX-GIR 800 models feature an 800 mm diameter impeller that makes these models suitable for use in both civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants, with excellent yields of up to 500 N/kW of efficiency.

The 800 mm diameter impellers, also called “flow impellers”, allow very high hydraulic flow rates, managing to mix the entire volume of the tank in a short space of time.

The MX-GIR 800 mixers can be supplied in rated outputs of 3 kW, 4 kW and 5.5 kW.

Due to the rotation speed of less than 130 rpm they are particularly suitable for tanks of reduced volumes often used with MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technology.

In these applications, biomass needs suitable carriers dispersed in the wastewater to grow and develop. With the filling bodies in the tank, these very low rpm impellers are the ideal solution to avoid harming the carriers themselves.

If high-speed motors were used, there could be a risk of damaging the filling bodies present and this would result in a lower efficiency of the entire purification process.

In the mixers of the MX-GIR 800 Series, however, the reduced rotation speeds guarantee both the protection of the carriers and the handling of the entire volume to be treated.


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The MX-GIR 1200 models

The range of slow-speed mixers is completed with the MX-GIR 1200 models, with a 1200 mm diameter impeller, to reach further fields of application.

The MX-GIR 1200 models can be supplied in rated outputs of 3 kW, 4 kW, 5.5 kW and 9.2 kW. These mixers are able to generate a powerful hydrodynamic thrust of up to 3125 N with a rotation speed that never exceeds 140 rpm. As such, they are particularly suitable for all applications typical of active sludge purification in biological compartments, biogas and sludge line digesters (where the concentration of solids is higher).

The profile of the 1200 mm diameter impeller makes the mixer particularly suitable for civil and industrial purification plants with excellent yields of up to 840 N/kW efficiency. The 1200 mm diameter impellers, also called “thrust impellers”, are used to obtain very high pressures with very high energy efficiency, containing energy consumption, with yields never reached before and with very high areas of influence.

The impeller mixers with a diameter of 1200 mm, precisely by virtue of their power, can be used in many different fields.

The large size of their impellers, their strength, the resistance and robustness that they are able to guarantee, for example, make them perfect also for mixing solid and semi-solid materials such as sand and livestock sewage.

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The choice of machinery and its positioning

S.C.M. Tecnologie S.r.l. assists and supports its customers throughout the machinery selection process making itself also available to perform simulations of operating conditions in order to verify, for each machine, the yields and consumptions.

It is in this same phase, then, that the best positioning of the mixer inside the tank is also defined for each business in order to optimise the process and to avoid dead zones.

Given the diameter of the impellers for the MX-GIR 800 and MX-GIR 1200 models, the position in the tank is not close to the wall as the wall being too close could generate imbalances.

To reach these machines and intervene for any activity, the use of a balcony is recommended.

The high thrust of these mixers makes it necessary to fix the guide pole on the bottom of the tank on three points.

For further information about our MX-GIR 800/1200 Series Submerged Mixers, please do not hesitate to contact us.