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BlogVERTICAL AGITATORS: civil and industrial wastewater treatment processes

VERTICAL AGITATORS: civil and industrial wastewater treatment processes

We – at S.C.M. – have always been known for our products such as, for example, horizontal submersible mixers. At S.C.M., we have recently decided to expand our know-how, offering vertical axis mixers, where submersible mixers reveal criticalities, such as the presence of shreds, suspended solids, chemical-physical corrosive actions, seepage, heat fluxes…

These can be easily overcome by using vertical mixers.

Main features

Vertical mixers are designed and sized by means of a vertical shaft, at whose end there is fitted a propeller. This product stands out for the quality of the construction materials used and the design of the impellers.

The goal is to transfer the power of the motor to the fluid with greater efficiency and lower energy consumption. This goal is achieved through most modern and efficient design technologies using, for the impellers and the shaft, materials optimised to meet the needs of each customer and application.

The vertical arrangement allows an even distribution of the energy produced by the motor within the fluid. Furthermore, a circulation of the substances therein is obtained, ensuring a homogeneous maintenance of the suspended solids.

The range of vertical agitators supplied by S.C.M. combines absorbed power, rotational speed, design of the impellers, configuration of the gearmotor unit, material of the components wet by the fluid.

We – at S.C.M. – supply vertical agitators for small volumes up to 10 m3 mainly using direct motors coupled to three-blade or four-blade propellers with diameters comprised between 110 mm and 350 mm.

For larger volumes, we provide support that is tailored and targeted to meet the individual needs of the customer through specifically-sized agitators.

Customers build tanks/vats that are appropriately sized and made of suitable materials and we – as S.C.M. – provide the vertical agitators appropriate both for the type of process and the type of tank/vat.

In particular, besides the nature of the process and the nature of waste, choosing the best agitator also depends on the shape of the tank/vat and the position for installation.

Use in sewage treatment plants

Vertical agitators are the most flexible solution for various industrial and non-industrial processes. In particular, they can be used in wastewater and process water treatment processes:

  • Homogenisation: Vertical agitators are used to evenly homogenise the added chemical substances, ensuring uniformity of reagents and chemical agents during the purification process.
  • Dosage: Vertical agitators are used to homogeneously distribute any chemical compounds in liquid, solid or powdered form within the fluid
  • Suspension: Vertical mixers play a crucial role in keeping solids suspended within the fluid, preventing them from settling
  • MBBR: The use of vertical mixers allows the carriers to be incorporated into the fluid mass. During the process, they are used to adsorb – on their surface – the impurities present in the liquid and increase, until they are cleaned and reintroduced into the cycle.
  • Coagulation and Flocculation: For these processes, vertical agitators are used for the formation of particle agglomerates. These processes contribute to the removal of impurities and most of the suspended solids present in the water.
  • Flash mixing: Flash mixing is the initial stage of wastewater treatment, where vertical agitators are used to quickly mix chemical substances with water.

To S.C.M., the core of the agitator technology lies in the propeller, which varies in type depending on the wastewater to be mixed. Therefore, they may be of the types below:

  • Marine;

agitatori verticali

  • Standard Sabre profile;

agitatori verticali - scm

  • Enlarged Sabre profile;

agitatori verticali . scm

  • Hydrofoil;

Hydrofoil - agitatori verticali - scm

  • Four-blade;

Quadripala - scm - agitatori verticali

  • Two-blade;

Bipala - agitatori verticali scm

We – as S.C.M. – provide hybrid solutions offering different propellers fitted in series, combining different technologies and different hydraulic profiles, descending and/or ascending, for the chemical, industrial wastewater, food, pharmaceutical industries…

Our services enable to customise vertical agitators and adapt them to company production.

For processes other than standard processes or similar processes, please contact S.C.M. Technologies and we will find the ideal solution together.


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