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BlogSCM Tecnologie presents the MX-ii series: AISI 316L stainless steel mixers for excellent results

SCM Tecnologie presents the MX-ii series: AISI 316L stainless steel mixers for excellent results

The new line of Mx-ii mixers with stainless steel motor offers important advantages in terms of corrosion resistance and rotation speed to ensure perfect mixing and homogenisation of liquids.

Mixers for civil and industrial liquids.

For both civil and industrial applications, it is essential to use technologically advanced mixers to perform the mixing and homogenisation of liquids, even if very different from each other.

It is essential to use systems characterised by high resistance to physical stresses and especially to the phenomenon of corrosion.

For these technical requirements, it is important to use a professional and specialist company such as SCM Tecnologie, a true point of reference that deals with both the design and construction of aeration systems for the treatment of civil and industrial waters, as well as mixers and stirrers for liquids.

The company offers customers the support of qualified technicians who are able to evaluate the specific technical requirements and propose high efficiency products, as in the case of mixers with stainless steel motor of the MX-ii series.

A revolutionary solution made entirely of stainless steel, mainly used to ensure corrosion resistance.

The mixers are submersible and offer easy installation, with an electric motor and a self-cleaning profile propeller that guarantee high performance.

The power of the mixer can vary from a minimum of 1.5 kW to a maximum of 4 kW, with a rotation speed of between 1440 and 480 rpm.

With the support of qualified technicians, it is possible to configure the most suitable solution in terms of rotation speed and propeller diameter according to the specific requirements of the application


Technical innovations for improved performance

The mixers of the MX-ii series represent the best of the current sector. The result of a careful design analysis with several technical updates that have improved the previous products.

These new submersible mixers are equipped with a motor-containing housing made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

The customer can choose between a variety of configurations and, in particular, between motors of 3 different sizes with 6 different powers, up to a maximum of 4 kW.

In addition, the model can be customised according to the diameter of the propeller and the number of poles. The poles range from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8, while the diameter of the propeller increases proportionally and can reach a maximum of 400 mm.

Further technical innovations concern the energy efficiency of the motors, an increasingly important aspect.

The motors assembled on this new series of mixers are of the IE3 efficiency class, of the three-phase asynchronous type and have a squirrel cage rotor.

Other significant features concern impermeability, equal to the degree of protection IP68. The insulation is class H and these features allow the motor to run uninterruptedly, despite being completely submerged.

The motors can also be used with inverters, the purpose of which is to monitor the cooling and to always avoid exceeding the rated power of the motor itself.

Characteristics of the propellers and design.

To further improve the performance of the mixers, improvements have also been made with regard to the hydraulic efficiency of the propellers.

As we have seen, these are offered in a range of sizes and are available with two or three blades of high thickness, with a self-cleaning profile.

The propellers are entirely cast in stainless steel and their potentialities are optimised by maximising computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

This approach makes it possible to enhance the design of the propellers and of the entire mixer, simulating the operation in the tank to obtain useful data and information on the speed and trajectories.

Improvements have also been made in terms of design and construction robustness. The new mixers are characterised by low noise, a feature that is undoubtedly an advantage, and by significant reliability.

All the elements that compose the mixer, such as the motor, the casing, the sliding guide and the propeller, are entirely made of stainless steel.

This results in greater reliability and resistance even in the presence of fluids that are particularly aggressive from a chemical point of view.

Another novelty concerns the sliding guides of the models with a number of poles equal to 8, which are equipped with vibration dampers.

The motors are equipped with thermal protections and with a dedicated electrode to immediately detect the presence of water in the oil chamber.

All the motors have a direct electrical connection cable, with a minimum of 7 conductors up to a maximum of 10 for the larger models.

The connection can be made in star or triangle configuration and all the cables are of high quality, are resistant to abrasion and are suitable for use in water.

Finally, the company also offers installation accessories to optimise assembly, with certified chains for lifting.

For further information and to obtain a quote without obligation, please contact the company.



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